Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hello out there in cyber world. lol There has been so much that has been going on in our little part of the world that the blog has been long forgotten. Our 7 year old son has pneumonia and our 16 year old began her first job, babysitting 2 kids that we go to church with at their home when needed. This time of the year is always bad for us due to my son and myself having asthma and add our daughter to the mix with bad allergies for the 3 of us and it is a mess for about a month or more depending on this crazy weather. You know bad news could go on and on and on. But isn’t it much more fun to focus on the positive. lol

We have watched several new movies since I gave the last update.

1. Tangled

We LOVED this movie!!!! Can’t say enough good about it. Our son is extremely gender specific, meaning he does not like to do anything girly. Well he loves this movie and even used his allowance to purchase the Wii game…..which is fun as well but it didn’t take very long to get through the biggest part of it.

2. Yogi Bear in 3-D

This is the first movie that we watched in 3-D in the theater. Our daughter couldn’t enjoy it because the glasses are a bit heavy and the whole thing gave her a headache. I enjoyed the 3-D but agree with the glasses being bulky and heavy therefore giving me a bit of a headache as well. Dear dad didn’t comment much either way. Our son loved it regardless. He is a very optimistic person and doesn’t complain much at all. He sees beauty in just about everything. It is a massively awesome gift that he has. The movie was good but I would have enjoyed “more”. I can’t explain that much more than “more”. It just wasn’t enough for me.

3. Rango

Okay. Number 1 about this movie, shame on Nickelodeon!!!! Can someone explain to me the reasoning behind the language?? I don’t get it. The movie was good and the kids enjoyed it other than the language. I would have really enjoyed having it without the bad language and we would happily add it to our extensive movie collection. But due to the language……not going to happen!! Shame to, it would have been a great movie and I can’t believe it has been put as high as it has been with the language that is in it. Apparently it didn’t bother many but to me it is a HUGE turn off!! Well that’s a quick update.

Hope you come back soon. God Bless!!