Saturday, April 9, 2011

Toy Story 3 Birthday Party Planning

Our son will be 8 the day before Easter and wants a Toy Story 3 party. There is a woman in our town that makes incredible cakes. They are beautiful as well as the best tasting cake I have ever tasted. However her MIL is ill and she has had to quit making cakes for now. Boo-Hoo. He and I found an awesome cake, I mean awesome, online and thought that we would be getting her to make it. Since that isn’t going to happen I might give it a try. I have made birthday cakes before but have never fooled with fondant before. This particular cake is 3 tiers and the top is a planet. If I do give it a try, which I am planning on, I will post here. That could be really interesting. lol

About 5 months ago he had decided that he wanted a camo party and the Dollar Tree had camo items, including hats, that are from “God’s Army” so we purchased enough for 18 at that time. Hey, when you can find caps for $1.00 and can get enough for a party, do it. To keep this in the party we are planning on putting a few more soldiers from Toy Story in than normal and bring that part out. This way we use what was purchased and keep both themes going.

Our church has an overhead projector that is rarely used anymore but I always have a use for one. lol While at church and working on the Easter Bulletin Board (that featured our missionaries around the world) I took a few coloring pictures and reduced them down and placed them all on one sheet of overhead film and blew them up to around 4 feet and traced out Buzz and Woody on a sheet of roll paper that we found on clearance at Wal-Mart. I really need to get my paints and get those painted. We made large pictures for another party and tried coloring them and ended up with dark places here and there and we tried markers and they ran out of ink to quickly when you are talking about larger pictures like that so I am going to purchase some paints for a couple of dollars and hopefully it will turn out looking good. I will post those as well.

If you have any good game ideas, snack ideas, or craft ideas…..please let me know. We are having it at the local pizza place, the kids love to hit the arcade after the party, but we have reserved the private room. Hopefully they will have the air on this time. Last party we about roasted in there!! lol

Be sure to check back later. God Bless!!