Monday, January 31, 2011

Nazarene Family

I must tell you all about our awesome Nazarene church family. If you don’t have a church or are looking for one……check out your local Nazarene church. I am sure that they are all great but I am prejudice to ours and it is super awesome. Our church family is always there and we try to be there for them as well. I’ll tell you. Find the Lord, well that is like no other feeling in the world but when you put that with finding the right church for you and your family. have a recipe for a great life. We are having Discipleship Classes and I need to get ready for church.

I thank God for my church family and hope that if you don’t have one that you will look soon and get in touch with your new family……there is nothing like it!! I love you Lord and I love you Nazarene family.

Talk to you all later. God Bless!!!!!