Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another New Pet

My son told us that all he wanted for Christmas this year was a kitten. How sweet is that? Well the rabbit that my daughter had in her room is not at papaws. She chose to let it run free on the farm. It seems to be much happier. We had one parakeet left after the last cat got the food door open and ran through the house with the other one in her mouth. My daughter normally shuts her door, I don’t remember why it was open but that doesn’t matter. We took our Peek-a-Poo to be fixed and saw a huge, I mean huge, cage that had 1 parakeet in it. We asked, with my daughter’s permission, if they would like to have another. They agreed and we took her down to them. Theirs was a male and ours female, just what they were searching for, and they hit it off great. So we are now down to the house of dogs. LOL We have my daughters boxer in the kennel outside as well as our 4 year old dachshund and 1 ½ year old Peek-a-Poo inside. I vow that when something happens to these two there will never be another inside dog!! I love them but I hate having them inside.

Back to the kitten. We have 1 pet store in town that opens, closes or goes out of business or switches owners or all 3 and opens again and it does the same thing over and over and over. We had purchased a kitten in there before but the new owner has so many different pets in there that he just finds homes for kittens and cats, no fee. My husband actually picked one out that reminded him of a cat that we had when we first were married and it passed of feline leukemia, horrible disease. I can’t keep going straight through a story; I have to cover all the bases while I am there. LOL Our son agrees to the kitten, he didn’t care what it looked like. We took it home and it was odd from the beginning. It loved to be held and would cry when you put it down. It urinated and did number 2 wherever it felt like. It would pass up the litter box and go to the dog’s pads and relieve itself. When it sat on your shoulder or the chair it faced the wrong way. It was always with its head toward the wall. It would stand and look at the refrigerator or wall or whatever and meow. It meowed all the time. It was a very, very odd kitten. Then a few days into having it it lay down on the floor with its back half under the couch, still not unusual. Then our daughter made the comment that it needed to blink. She had been looking at it for a few minutes and it hadn’t blinked. My husband moved its head and it just let it flop and meowed softly. He hovered over it and told me to come there. I looked and it was dying. I sent the kids into the bedroom and we wrapped it up and I sat and petted it until I was bawling. All of those odd things must have been a sign that something was very wrong with it. I had given it a bath and it was fine. It had walked around and lay on the couch as usual and then just got down on the floor and lay down to die. My husband took it carefully into our storage barn all wrapped up and comfortable and let it pass away and he buries our pets that pass. As you may guess, our kids were devastated.

A few days later my mother shows up with 3 very small kittens while we were in a store. I was talking to her on the phone and went out to see them while the rest of the family stayed inside. They were small and cute and I picked the fuzzy one, with the worst case of cold in its eyes that I have ever seen in my life. These are kittens from cats that she is trying to find homes for. One of those places where people decided to drop off cats and kittens and all of a sudden you were feeding 2, of which were yours, and within a few months you are feeding over 13, seriously. So I cleaned it eyes out and wrapped it up and took it into the store to surprise them with. Even my husband had no idea of what I was doing. It was a small consignment shop so she didn’t mind for me bringing it in. Well they loved it and we loaded up, after paying for our purchases, and went straight to the vet. This time we were making sure it was in good health and getting medication for its eyes and treated for fleas as well. It got a clean bill of health except for the cold in its eyes and a regular cold. We took it home and medicated it for a few days and yesterday it was a playful little kitten. It ran all over, tried to climb everything in sight, swatted at the dogs, played with us all and slept on us like a little baby. We have to lock it in the utility room at night until it gets the hang of the litter box. I thought that kittens came out being litter box trained. Boy was I wrong. LOL But I think it will be just fine. Oh, it weighed less than a pound and she clipped its claws, that is something that I am going to keep up with this little one. I don’t want it climbing the curtains like I have had done in the past. LOL

Is that one lazy kitten or what? But cute none the less.

Until next time, take care and may God Bless you all. Ü