Monday, October 4, 2010

Gone 4 Awhile

Sorry I haven’t been posting but we have been moving, yes moving again. Hopefully we are where we will stay for some time to come. I told hubby that if we are going to stay together that this has to be the last move. This one was rapid and I was not ready for it at all. You know when you are not prepared for something you just can not get in the mood to do anything. That was this move. I could not get in the mood to pack and un-pack. It has been an adventure like no other move thus far. We were without electric for 8 days. I am not big on camping but having water, although it was all cold, and my own bed, it wasn’t bad. LOL The weather was warm to hot during the day but the Lord was looking out for us and it only got miserable 1 night out of it all. We have been here 1 month and 3 days and just got the television back on last week. We have an extensive movie collection so after getting electric that wasn’t really a problem except for hubby. You would think the kids would be the ones really wanting it back on but they were awesome and haven’t paid much attention to it since it has been back on. That is a blessing within itself. Hubby wanted to get the news and weather and is use to going to sleep with the noise of the TV on at night. Bad habit, but we all do it. Getting cell reception up here is almost impossible and it took us 3 ½ weeks to get the phone installed and the internet back on. I love the country though and our neighbors couldn’t be any better. I’ll sign off for now and hope to get things back on track. Hope all is going well for everyone else. God bless and take care. Ü