Friday, March 5, 2010

Tutorial Hunters

As a self proclaimed tutorial hunter I would like to make a small suggestion or ask a favor. Remember when you post something that you may be linked here and there. Even though you are not keeping up with that post someone else may happen upon it somewhere else and try to get back to it. I like PhotoBucket, and where it is a free program, that even makes it better. LOL I have used PhotoBucket for over 2 years for my Homeschooling Blog and really do like it. However, I have noticed lately that many people are deleting their pictures and that leaves a very odd tutorial.

This is just a suggestions but what if you open an account that is only for your tutorials or when one is full, open another account all together so that those pics can stay on the web. Once it is out there, it is out there to stay most of the time whether we realize it or not. On this blog I normally import the picture from my computer but then again you are very limited in that manner which makes PhotoBucket and programs like theirs extremely handy and important to many sites. Tutorials that you can print in PDF format as well as Word format are also very helpful and you don’t have to worry about upkeep unless you are on a limited program as far as uploads. I am just putting this suggestion out there. Nothing bad meant to any of these programs or anyone’s blogs. I enjoy them immensely.

I enjoy searching tutorials on all sorts of things but my favorites are crafts, sewing, and parties. When I am getting ready for one of the kids birthday parties or a holiday party I really enjoy going into other blogs to see how people have made things and done things that are along the same ideas that I have or better. Many times I have ran across an idea that is close to what I was thinking but when it is explained out, especially with pictures because we don’t all think alike so reading what someone else means can sometimes be frustrating when it comes to directions. Back to the point, I find that they have had the same outcome or even better than what I had in mind and doing it much simpler than I would have done it. I have had several of those DUH moments while doing this. LOL Then I am sitting here asking myself; why didn’t I think of that. What a good idea or time and/or money saver. Thank you to all of you bloggers out there in cyberspace that take the time and effort to put these fabulous items on your blogs. I have learned and plan on continuing to learn so much from you all.

Take care and I hope to add to the “tutorial hunt” as I learn more.

God Bless .^_^.