Friday, March 5, 2010

Nutritionist and

My husband had an appointment yesterday, his 40th birthday as well, with the nutritionist at the local hospital due to his lipid panel. When he returned home he had several papers as well as a “Portion Pack” that I will make up my own version of and have as a free download soon. This is broken down into 3 meals and 1 snack color coded cards for your easy use. For example the green card = Non-Starchy Vegetables. The explanation on the card is as follows: 1 serving equals: (choose one) ½ cup Cooked Vegetables OR 1 cup Raw Vegetables OR ½ cup Tomato/Vegetable Juice. It goes on to explain: Non-Starchy Vegetables include: asparagus, green beans, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, eggplant, greens, mushrooms, okra, onions, pea pods, peppers, radishes, lettuce, sauerkraut, spinach, summer squash, tomatoes, turnips and zucchini. So everything is on the one card and when that blue card shows up during the day you are to eat 1 serving from something on that list. I know that there have been color coded card or something, it seems like it may have been Richard Simmons, in the past and I don’t remember the details but these are very well explained or spelled out.

While I was reading through the new material he called back and asked about a food and exercise journal, as the papers states to use, but the didn’t offer one and actually had never been asked that question so was unsure as to how to answer. So what do you do when you need to know something? Google it! Or at least we do. I really, really, like Google. Anyway, my husband did and found right off the bat. We signed the 3 adults up; well my husband, myself and our semi-adult daughter ….. Against the website we fudged a little on her age. However, I set it up and have the user ID and password and it will be under my supervision. Her file is mainly to log when she exercises and so forth, a great homeschool tool! Physical education, check. Whereas my husband and I will log into the full program and take advantage of what it has to offer. Did I mention, it is FREE! 100% FREE of charge. If you haven’t checked it out, do so. It is complete with tips, tutorials, meal plans, recipes, goals, the entire kit and caboodle.

In today’s society healthy habits need to be stressed more and more and we need to be setting a better example, as a whole, to our children when it comes to leading a much healthier lifestyle. The US has a growing obesity problem, of which I am sadly in the ranking. We need to do what we can to help turn this problem around. Have you seen the movie Wall-E. I love the movie for the simple fact that I can see our world becoming so computerized and technologically efficient that we are a nation or world of those obese individuals on the floating chairs, unable to walk or move about on their own and oblivious to the problem. That would be awful!! So, these are our baby steps to helping our kids become aware of healthy eating habits and forming a daily exercise regimen. Hope you join in and I will be working on those cards, if you are interested.

God Bless and have a wonderful day. Spring is near!! Yippee, bring on the warm weather!!

(Every day my son, 6, wants to know if it is going to be warm enough in the next few days so that we can go swimming. He is a water dog!! LOL)