Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Lesson from The Disney Channel

In the past day or so I have noticed that The Disney Channel has began to make commercials trying to remind or let kids know that what they post or say on the internet can be hurtful to others and that it stays out there. My first reaction was; what a great lesson and a great place to put it for kids to learn. Kudos to Disney!!

One in particular that I have seen today was where 2 friends are texting each other on their phones. The one girl asks the other not to be mad at her, and she asks why and so on. The point is that because of pier pressure the one girl told a secret to the world about her friend having a crush on a boy on his profile page. This caused hard feelings and embarrassment. However the way in which TDC portrayed it the one girl forgave her friend and she was very happy that her friend could forgive her and that she saw how good of a friend she really was and how foolish her actions were.

It is a great lesson for all kids these days. Kids today as young as 5 have cell phones, I’m guilty my 6 year old has one that the most he does is call mamaw on it every few days. But many end up on the internet and texting way too much and telling things they shouldn’t be telling anyone about themselves and their friends and family. I know that many parents have lectured and lectured their kids about who they talk to and how much information they give out, although I don’t think you can ever remind them to much on that topic, I am glad that they are making points like this on a children’s channel.

God Bless .^_^.