Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is in the air

Spring has sprung, isn’t it wonderful? I don’t know how the last few days have been for the rest of the country but it has been completely awesome here. We have been able to go outside with light jackets and then no jackets. The kids have played until they are about to fall over. We have been able to put our boxer in the front yard and let her wear herself out as well as watch everyone and just have a blast, they are so playful and fun loving anyway.

My husband has an uncle and his wife that lives really close and we are getting much closer to them and their kids and grandkids. They have a son and daughter that are both really nice people. This has been a really great experience for us all. Our daughter still doesn’t have anyone around her age but loves babies and kids and they all absolutely love her. She is able to play with a baby about every day and always has a child hanging onto her or wanting attention from her. Our son has been upset since the neighbors moved early last fall because they had a little boy his age but now he has 2 cousins to play with that are little boys his age. That makes one happy little boy. My husband and his cousin are getting along well and that makes me happy. His cousin is very outgoing and wants to play basketball (we have a goal), go here and there and even volunteered the two of them to wax both wives vehicles. Woo-Hoo for us. His wife is super sweet, you know one of those that everyone likes and can talk to anyone. I really like being around her and having her to talk to here as well.

However, my best friend in the world just had a birthday yesterday and I was not on here to wish her a Happy Birthday but I did call her yesterday evening, again Happy Birthday Trish!! Wish you lived closer!!

And I will close on this note for today, or at least now…….insomnia is the pits!!!! LOL

Hope you all have a beautiful day and that you enjoy it to its fullest. God Bless!!


Sew Practical said...

Aw,thanks Vicki!