Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colgate Couponing Savings

We had a coupon for $1.00 off of Colgate, but it had to be Colgate Total, Max White, Sensitive or something like that, 4.0 ounces or larger only. I would put exactly but I have used all of the coupons. LOL

Kroger had this on sale, with the use of your Kroger card, for $2.00. I have really begun to use Kroger for couponing. I use them for shopping for groceries about 80% of the time anyway so this just makes sense. Plus they seem to really correspond to the coupons that are out.

So we purchased all of the coupons that we had collected for this sale, a total of 10. That made them $1.00 (plus tax) per tube. These normally run around $2.88 and more a tube so the savings is huge but even at the sale price of $2.00 per tube the savings is still 50%!!

Take Care and God Bless!!