Thursday, April 29, 2010

You can have an Emergency Storm Shelter anywhere!!

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You can now have an emergency storm shelter anywhere, at least if you own the land or can dig a really large hole and no one will mind. This is truly one of the most awesome things that I have seen in a long time.

This is from the “Lifesaver Storm Shelters” ad that I picked up while looking at one of these amazing inventions.

Standard Features:
Ø Built in the USA
Ø Shelters meet or exceed FEMA 320 specifications
Ø Heavy duty fiberglass construction
Ø Stainless steel hardware
Ø Gas struts for easy door opening
Ø Screened vents keep pests out
Ø Water-tight door seal
Ø Stainless steel multi-point door locking system
Ø Composite flooring will not rot or rust
Ø Carpeting
Ø Fiberglass non-skid steps
Ø Handrail

Common Applications:
Ø Residential Homes
Ø Manufactured / Mobile Homes and Parks
Ø Small businesses
Ø Day Care Centers
Ø Retirement Homes
Ø RV Parks and Campsites
Ø Churches
Ø US Government & Military Facilities
Ø Local & City Government Facilities

Lifesaver Storm Shelters only protrude eight inches above the ground and can be installed in a single day in most cases without large machinery, meaning there is minimal damage to your lawn or property. As an optional feature, phone, cable / satellite TV or electrical wiring can be added to your installation for your comfort and peace of mind.

They start at the inside dimensions measuring at 4’ long by 5’wide by 5’3” tall and seats up to 4 adults and go to a huge 6’6” wide by 14’9” long by 6’3” tall that seats up to 20 adults.

In our area the one that is the best seller and it is also the one that my family went down into sells for $4,500 and seats up to 6 adults with the inside dimensions measuring at 7’ long by 5’ wide by 5’3” tall.

These are extremely awesome spaces and I would love to hear from anyone that has one so that we can post your opinion here. I think they would be a welcome to anyone that has the space. It could mean the safety of your family in certain circumstances.

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