Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pica and Iron Deficiency (Anemia)

In the past week I have been diagnosed as anemic. Being diabetic and having high triglycerides calls for blood work being performed every 3 months so I am diagnosed pretty quickly if anything else, such as this, pops up.

Do you like Sonics’ ice? I love it. You can actually purchase it by the bag as well. It is the only place around here to get those little chunks that are great for chomping on. We had been purchasing about 16 pounds of ice every 5-7 days. I had been eating most of it. Granted it is a great snack, talk about low calorie, no calories! LOL However it was bordering on obsessive and I hadn’t really given it much thought because it is water. Your body needs water, I craved it plus I am diabetic so it all made sense to me. When you start waking up in the middle of the night to grab a cup of ice chips, look into it.

Pica is the desire to eat ice. I only found this out once my “awesome” doctor (Jennifer) told me that I was anemic. I hadn’t told her about the ice craving because I didn’t know that it was a sign of anything. It is odd how much you can find out online. Just be careful that you are looking on reputable sites. Remember that .org sites are great accurate sites!!! Anemia can play with your body in so many ways that it is unbelievable. If you have arthritis, it can make it worse. Now the fun part, finding out why. In past years I have been treated for endometriosis and that is more than likely the problem now. We will soon find out.

The moral of this story………tell your doctor if you have odd cravings, even if it is as simple as ice. There are usually medical reasons behind those.

Take care and thanks for stopping by. God Bless ^j^