Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nakaylee Jade

Isn't she a cutie!!

This is my husband’s cousin’s daughter. We (my daughter and I) like to claim her when we can. LOL

My son doesn’t care for her at all. She is the first “baby” that has been around for me to give attention to and he became extremely jealous very quickly. I have reassured him that mommy loves him and that he is still my baby. He is okay with her being around now but still doesn’t want anything to do with her. LOL

Just wanted to let you all see her. She is a cutie and is normally a very happy baby, although she is getting that bit of attitude to know that if you move her and she didn’t want to be moved, she starts crying until you put her back in that position or one close to it. She loves looking around, like all babies. My daughter went over to their house yesterday and was holding her and her mommy put “Finding Nemo” in. She said that she just starred at the TV. Too cute. And she loves my daughter. She can make her laugh and she just smiles when she sees her. Of course she is a super great girl as well. Love my kids!! God Bless!!


Sew Practical said...

OMG! Vicki, she just gets cuter and cuter!