Friday, March 12, 2010

Family Fishing Outing

We have wanted to go fishing and while out I asked, “Would you all like to go fishing?” The immediate yeah and sure were the answers that rang in the van. When we went home to grab the gear and head to the lake it looked like it was going to down pour so we put it off to the next day. So hubby went to school and after he came home we headed out. At the first stop the water was down so far that we were going into the mud trying to get to the water. You could see the fish jumping high but we couldn’t get near where they were. So we loaded back up and headed to a boat dock. Normally we wouldn’t fish off of the ramp however there were only 2 vehicles in the lot and no one in sight. The water was down so low that the dock was sitting in the mud as well, pictured below. It was a nice day to go and practice your cast but unfortunately that was about it. We have gone for 2 years, this being the 3rd, and haven’t caught a fish yet. I know they exist because my bother in law fishes with his dad all the time and they have them mounted all over the house. LOL They are there just apparently not where we are. LOL This year we are going to go until we catch at least one each.

It is hard to see but our little one made the biggest catch of the day, a piece of wire!! LOL

Our daughter went hunting for goodies to put into her jar that includes sand and shells that a friend brought her back from the ocean. Sadly we haven't gotten the kids to the ocean as of yet. That needs to be a goal. Humm!!

Hubby and lil' one trying hard to catch anything, but wire. LOL

What was coming at us.

This is the reason that we are on a boat ramp fishing. Where is the water??? LOL