Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rug Doctor and Spring Cleaning

It may not be spring as of yet. However, if you look out of my door there is no snow. Yippee!! We rented the Rug Doctor (which I would love to own but at what they cost, I will continue to rent) to clean all of the carpets, plus the couch. The carpets are done after an entire day of hard work. I am big on keeping the floors clean. My friend Trish pointed out that I stay on the carpets, cleaning them. After thinking about it it came to me that when we lived in a cabin with hardwood floors and you could always see if there was a speck of dust. It was also very easy to move furniture around and make sure that everything was clean under it as well, just push it out of the way. It is also a good way to work out frustrations. : ) Anyway, I found out that the clean floor is what made the house look so good. Since then I have had a compulsion, you might say, to keep the carpet very clean, as well as linoleum. That will lead into my next post on the floor steamer that my loving family gave me for Christmas.

Even though we have carpet that is only around 9-10 months old, I still want all of the furniture, except the beds and our extremely heavy entertainments center, moved when I sweep the floors. Our couch, loveseat, tables, and most everything is moved at the least once a week to sweep under. I also take the kitchen table and chairs (thank goodness there are only 4) into the living room so that I can steam the linoleum. I also have OCD, can you tell. LOL

To those who are on their way to even thinking about Spring Cleaning, good luck to you and I’m right here with ya! Let me add that I will probably not be able to move an inch tomorrow. LOL I am sore!! Still have the couch to tackle...........maybe tomorrow.

Take care and God Bless!!