Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taking Care of Pets

Let me get on my soap box for a few minutes. Before you take a pet home from wherever, please be able to spay or neuter them. So often people adopt pets, see a cute puppy or kitty at the mall or get one given to them before thinking it through. Pets are a big responsibility as well as cost. We have had so many dropped off near our house that it is insane. Most of the strays are cats. Cats normally have 2 litters of kittens a year. That is on average 4-8 every six months or so to find new homes for. I don’t mind feeding and taking care of what is mine, which is why I brought them home. But when you decided to make that decision for someone, it is normally a big mistake.

In our area you can get a cat or dog fixed for around $90 - $150 with shots included. We decided to look around for another vet in a nearby county. This was well worth the time and effort. We now have a good vet that spays or neuters your pets for $67. They take really good care of the animals. We even have a large animal vet that lives near us that works there two days a week.

Really look at the prices of food (canned and dry), pee pads, cat litter, toys, beds, flea medications (good ones like Frontline-my favorite), vitamins, grooming, vet visits, shots, spaying, neutering, as well as a ton of other things. Pure breed animals have more health issues as well. Look at the breed before taking in the responsibility and ask a local vet what they see that breed in their office for most. Have a little money tucked away for pet emergencies. I never knew there were so many emergencies until we bought our loving dachshund. He has had a few. We have also taken in kittens from strays and have had enormous vet bills. We have also had pets that have gotten out and were hit by a vehicle.

If they make it there is normally a very large vet bill. If you live in a rental that allows pets, make sure that if something happens and you have to move to somewhere that doesn’t allow pets, that you have someone that is willing to take your pet in.