Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My two Tattoo's

Back in August I posted about the tattoo on my left foot. After looking at the searches from Google and my blog I have noticed that the “Tattoo” post is the most commonly viewed. For that reason I have decided to do a follow up and post mine and my husbands tattoos as well.

I have 2 and would not tell anyone not to get one. However, think about what you are doing before you do it. I am 40 and waited until I was 40 to get one. I actually had a doctor ask why I waited that long and decided to get one. I have wanted a tattoo since I was a teen. If I had gotten a tattoo back then…well let’s just say that I would be trying everything to remove it. There is no telling what I would have had tattooed and where. My sister had a small dolphin on the inside of her left ankle when she was in her early 20’s. To this day I don’t believe that she has had the urge to get another one. I have a close cousin that has several. She originally decided on a small rose and paid a good price for it on her left calf. Sadly it is not a good tattoo, and it was done professionally. What can you say, take it off or re-do it. It isn’t that easy. She did go to another artist and have a UK Wildcat put on her back. It looks really good and she went from there. I think she has somewhere around 8 right now and has found out that across your spine is very painful. Around a bone is painful, especially the top of your foot. LOL Contemplate long and hard before placing something on your body that will be there forever. I have also heard that having someone’s name tattooed on you is a bad luck. According to Mike, our tattoo artist, almost all people who have someone’s name tattooed on them ends up separating, divorcing, or whatever the case may be. Think about that before having that name put wherever for the rest of your life.

Here is my right ankle, an icthus that I am proud of. Below is the lilly and frog, after healing, on the top of my left foot. I like it as well but wish sometimes that it had been a cross. I didn't think long before having it placed. See what I meant. LOL But I do like both of them and had them done by a very good artist.

Take Care and God Bless!!


Sew Practical said...

That's very interesting about having someone's name tattooed onto your body. Good advice for those who are entertaining that thought.