Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Purses, Marshmallow Guns, Tag Quilts and More

December is when it seems that I get the urge to sew. You would think that I would year round and plan to in 2010. It makes for a very busy month. LOL These are a few of my projects over the past few weeks that I wanted to share.
These are the 2 boy tag blankets that I made for a friend that works at a daycare. She has 2 sets of twins at the moment and just loves this set of boys and wants to give them these for Christmas. Didn’t they turn out cute? You can’t see the backs very well so I added another pic that really doesn’t show it either. LOL Oh well. It is plain blue and matches really well.

The same friend that works at the daycare is also about 6 weeks from having her 3rd child, a girl. She has requested pink and brown and it was so hard to find things that went together for a baby here. Wal-Mart just doesn’t have that wide of a variety. However this should turn out okay. We were in the fabric section so long trying to find something that would go together (all of the small polka dots are gone in these colors) that I forgot to get the solid pale pink for the back. So I am stuck here for tonight. Back to Wal-Mart 2 days before Christmas. They shouldn’t be busy at all. Ü

This is the finished purse that I made for my mother for Christmas. This was made up 100% as I went along. As well as the key fob to go along with it. Talk about a play on colors. I know it is a picture but if you were looking at it in person you can not tell that the ribbon has black polka dots on the brown background. It really pops when you put in on the black but fades out with the brown. How odd.

These are our camo marshmallow guns, which my husband and I made together. These have been such a huge hit with all ages. If you have never had a marshmallow gun fight, you must have one. They are awesome. We have a great time at it. Just watch out for marshmallows in the carpet. It’s a sticky, icky, messy mess. Without planning we had a HUGE marshmallow gun fight at our daughter's birthday party. It was a blast and between that and the Wii, which wasn't planned either, the party was a huge hit. Go with the flow. It turns out better that way sometimes. Ü

Below is an apron that went into the Kitchen Themed auction basket that we made for our churches "Snowball Banquet". This is my first attempt at an apron and I made it up as I went along. It didn't turn out completely horrible. LOL

Take Care and God Bless!!