Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stomach Virus

On my 17th wedding anniversary my husband, children and myself spent 7 hours in the Emergency Room of the local hospital with my mother due to her defibrillator doing its job for the first time since it was placed back in November 2008. This of course scared her very badly and she went to be checked out. After finding out what it was that felt like a gun shot to the heart she felt much better. Knowing that I would be there for many hours and that she was okay I sent my family home. But I assume due to being in the ER for so long and being exposed to so many things I wound up with a stomach virus less than 2 days later that I have never had anything like before. No joke, I lost 8 pounds in less than 48 hours. That sounds good but I would never have gone through this to get those pounds off. And I am sure that they will soon be back due to dehydration being the culprit.

I believe that from now on when I have to go to the ER for any reason that I will say a quick pleading prayer to the Lord above not to pick anything up while there and praise him on the way out, just for good measure sake. LOL But it couldn't hurt.

Take care and Good Health to all!!