Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little about this site....

Hopefully this will be a successful site that I can use to unwind and give some helpful tips along the way. I am an avid pet owner with a 3 year old Dachshund, 4.5 month old Peek-a-Poo (which is adorable by the way), an 8 month old Boxer, 20 gallon fish tank (with fish, wow..LOL), 1 female cat which just had 3 kittens 1.5 weeks ago and 2 other kittens. We did purchase our dogs however our cats are all strays or kittens of strays that we have found and 1 (the smallest) that was brought to us a week or so ago from my cousin which found the little (and I mean little) thing in a service station parking lot. It is maybe 5-6 weeks old and had never eaten food. All are thriving and doing well and are made to feel right at home here. Soon we are going to find homes for all of the cats/kittens but one that we have all decided on keeping. I have been married for 17 years now and have 2 beautiful children that we homeschool. Oldest is our DD and youngest is our DS which have an age gap of 8 1/2 years between them. We all love the Lord and try to live our lives out each day according to his word.

I write an "Organizational" column for an online magazine and have for a year now. My family is really into crafting and are avid movie buffs. We live in a small town that doesn't offer much in the way of shopping. To really go shopping. To purchase real craft supplies from Michael's, Jo-Ann's and/or Hobby Lobby you have to drive at least 55-65 miles East or South. I would love to share pictures of our pets, places that we go and products that I will give you "my" opinion on. Hopefully they can either help you make a decision on purchasing or not wasting money on products. But remember these are my personal opinions on these products so please don’t take offense if you don't agree with me and like Palmolive over Dawn. I am a Dawn gal myself. But you get the idea. It's all in fun and honesty and I would love your feed back as well.

So, I hope you give me a chance and come back to visit often. Take care and have a wonderful day!!