Monday, March 22, 2010

My Sister's Bird

This past weekend I went to my sister’s house and saw her bird. She has had her for awhile but I have not seen her before this. She is one of those, I don’t know exactly what kind, that lives over 100 years and you need to will to someone. Whoever had her in the beginning didn’t check the sex, apparently, before naming her “Bud”.

When I walked in she said, “Hi Bud” and had other things to say such as “Move it”, “Let me out of here” and more. Some of it I understood but they understood what she said due to being around her all the time. She is pretty cool. Oh, she laughed as well. LOL

Take care and God Bless!!


Sew Practical said...


Bud is a pretty bird! Looks like a figurine in the picture.