Saturday, March 13, 2010

Food Labels for Picky Kids

Our son is an extremely picky eater. In hopes of helping him see how limited he is and possibly getting him to try new foods I have devised a system for him.

First I took pictures of all of the foods that he will eat, which didn’t take too long. After taking the pictures I printed them out on Kodak paper and cut them to size. For the labels I used a really cute large font that I had found earlier on the computer and printed out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. To attach them to the refrigerator I found magnetic tape strips for $1.17 at Wal-Mart that has 18 adhesive strips measuring 0.5 in x 4 in long, plus they are peel and stick which is even better.

After getting everything cut and laid out I began placing the magnets on the backs of the pictures and labels. DS had his large metal dump truck by my desk so I tossed them onto it and they stuck. That caught his attention and to the truck he ran to grab each one and take them to the refrigerator where he arranged them to his liking.

The plan is for him to go to the refrigerator, before breakfast, and place the magnet or magnets for each meal under the label and follow through with his picks, no changing. He then has choices as well as responsibility.

Pictures are shown for anyone that is interested in how it is done. I am sure that we will make changes in the future to it but the idea is to have something that keeps him interested.

Thanks for looking and have a great day. God Bless!!
Pictures of his foods

Magnets found at Wal-Mart

I suggest using tweezers to get the backing off of the magnets. It just made it easier. And the strips can easily be cut to the length that you need.

This is our refrigerator after he placed them all on it last night.

His choices this morning....biscuits consisted of biscuit and gravy.