Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Dog Gate

Keeping our 2 little curious dogs out of the hall and rooms has been such a problem in the past. After Rug Doctoring the carpets this time we decided not to have them in these areas anymore to avoid more carpet damage. But what gate to purchase was the big problem. We have went out and purchased several in the past but they were a joke to our little ones that just found ways to climb or jump over them. So we decided that my husband would build one. When he was talking about going to Lowe's and purchasing the materials and started rattling off prices I thought it might do us justice to look online one more time before sending him out. It was a really good idea. PetSmart is about 60-65 miles away and we thought that if they had a reasonable one that would work we would travel and get it. Looking for minimal wall damage as well, very important. They had an "Auto-Close Gate" on sale for $49.99 plus shipping and it turned out to be an online special anyway. After looking through all they had to offer this seemed to be by far our best bet. Our opening is 32" and this expands to 38" wide. It required no tools, is pressure mounted and has a gate that closes after you walk through automatically. How awesome is that!! And to add to the awesomeness, it is all metal and can, but not for us, be used on stairs. This is by far the best gate that I have seen and purchased and we have had several. Right now it is a bit hard for our 6 year old to use, it is a little awkward pushing the button back and pulling up. It is a little heavy for him as well. However, he has been running right through it and I am sure that over time it will get a bit easier to open. Even with those little things, I give this product a huge thumbs up!!

Above is all of the information on it.

This is Einstein thinking that he will be getting in soon, sorry! .^-^.

I had to fling it open quickly and snap to get this one as it was closing. It is great!!
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