Sunday, February 14, 2010

Candy making with the kids

My littlest chef mixing up the peanut butter center for our candy.

My niece adding the powdered sugar.

I let the kids go wild with the cookie cutters.

Now doesn't he look like an intense chef?

This is my real back up chef. She is the one who takes over and helps out when mom needs it. She loves to watch cooking shows and try new things. They had a really good time making the candy and then covering it with chocolate.

Actually once the chocolate was melted and my son knew he was ready to be done with the peanut butter center, he was ready to cover his fingers, candy, or spoon, whatever in chocolate. He is a true chocoholic!

They had a blast. It was a mess but well worth it and my niece said it was one of the most fun things she has been able to do and was going to go to school and tell all of her friends.

We are in snow, just like the rest of the nation, and they are calling for 6-8 more inches in the next 15 or so hours so I don't know when she will be going back to school. My poor kids don't have to worry about how much it snows. The only time they get out of school with bad weather is when I agree to take in a child or 2 so the parents can go to work or do whatever they want to do. Homeschooling has many advantages; my kids would probably say that is not one of them. LOL

Have a great day and God Bless!!


Sew Practical said...

That is sweet that your niece is going to tell everyone at school how much fun she had with you all.