Sunday, November 1, 2009

Making Your Kids Christmas List

While in the stores this weekend my son kept picking out things that he wanted for Christmas, don't they all. Well I decided to pull out my phone and take pictures of the items in which he chose as well as shots of the prices. Now I can put them on the computer attach the name of the store and email them to family members that are all the time asking, "So, what do your kids want for Christmas?".

Going into a store armed with a large digital camera may look suspicious and you may get much unwanted attention. However, just about everyone has a camera with a built in camera these days. After thinking of the possibilities I was amazed. For a baby shower you could do the same thing. Take your phone around, take a picture. Go home and load them into the computer. Categorize things into what is the most needed down to what you think is cute and wouldn't mind having and email it to family and friends. This way there are also pictures instead of just descriptions that go along with your request. You can show the price (in your area anyway) and the store where you found it. However, someone that is buying for you somewhere else may find the exact item at another store for less. Saving them money and you still get what you need and/or want.

Phones have come such a long way and the home phone will soon be a thing of the past. At the University of Kentucky they removed all phones from student dorms last year, it saved the school money and most of the students had cell phones and were not using them anyway. Can you imagine what all they will invent in the next 20 years? My kids are already amazed, and probably can not truly grasp, how I grew up and some of the ideas about the good old days. Can you imagine if the TV only had 3 channels and they had to get up and change the channel, by hand. OMG In my opinion it would be better. I really enjoy TV, please don't get me wrong, however with the growing electronic world look at the obesity rate of our selves and more importantly, our children. It is phenomenal. Technology is great in many ways but as with everything, you have to have bad to go along with the good.

Boy, did I get off topic or what. LOL

Have a great November and God Bless you all.